Boiler Repair Neath Port Talbot

For boiler repairs in Neath Port Talbot call us to arrange an engineer. We have the knowledge and expertise to work on all makes and models. Our qualified gas engineers are members of the Gas Safe Register, so you can rely on us for professional repairs that put safety first. Whether you have a combi, regular, system or back boiler, get in touch to arrange a call out.

Emergency Boiler Repair

Boilers have a habit of failing when you least expect it. If your boiler has broken down, call us for emergency boiler repair. We carry a large selection of spare parts on the van, so we can normally complete the repairs on the first visit.

Our engineers will inspect the heating system to diagnose faults and detect leaks. Common faults include faulty pilot lights, circuit boards and corroded parts. Following the initial inspection, we will repair your heating system with the recommended replacement parts. Once the repairs are complete, we will optimise your boiler to ensure it runs efficiently.

One-Off Repairs & Regular Maintenance

Our heating engineers are available for call outs for one-off repairs and regular maintenance. Regular maintenance is recommended to keep your heating system in good working order. We recommend a service every year to keep your system running efficiently. We can also provide landlord gas safety checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have phoned for an emergency callout, you will have some time before your boiler repair technician arrives. The first thing you need to do is turn off all the water in your home, especially when the issue is a leak. This will likely cut off the supply of water that is leaking, minimising any water damage to your home until your technician fixes the problem more permanently. You can do this by turning off the stopcock in your house. You should already know where your stopcock is. If you do not, then check under sinks and other places with running water in your house, as this is usually where they are kept.

A malfunctioning boiler can be incredibly stressful. It can seem tempting, especially if your boiler still technically works, to bury your head in the sand and ignore your boiler. This would be a catastrophic mistake. This could turn a ‘boiler repair’ into a ‘boiler replacement’, a much more expensive issue. Get a faulty boiler repaired before it’s too late.

While Your boiler is in a state of disrepair it will likely be less efficient and consume more energy, massively driving up your energy bills. This is to say nothing of what a problem like, for example, a leak could do to your home in the meantime. A lead can lead to structural and electrical damage, which is a massive health and safety risk.

Get a Quote for Gas Boiler Repair In Neath Port Talbot

Simply give us a call for gas boiler repair in Neath and the surrounding region. We can offer estimates over the phone and provide fixed price quotations upon inspection of your heating system. Our prices are competitive and we don’t charge a call out fee. So, contact us to arrange a gas engineer today.

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