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Contact Courts Gas if you need boiler servicing in Neath Port Talbot. If you have been experiencing any problems with your boiler, whether it is acting oddly, making strange sounds or not providing sufficient warmth to your radiator, give us a call. We have experience with a range of gas, oil or LPG boilers, so our competent team offer a complete service, from brand new fittings through to repairs. We can efficiently diagnose any problems and solve them for a very affordable cost. Not to mention, we are Gas Safe registered, so you can have complete confidence that we are the team for the job. Give us a call today, we can talk through your needs and provide you with a free, no obligation estimate. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Importance of Boiler Servicing

A boiler service is essential to ensure longevity and safety. Furthermore, it is important to ensure you have your boiler serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to preserve the warranty. 

As a rule of thumb, a boiler should be serviced annually and if you are a landlord you will need to get a landlord gas safety certificate to confirm it is safe to use. 

We can service all types of boilers, old and new, so if your heating system needs a check-up, get in touch to arrange an appointment. 

Get a Quote for Boiler Servicing

If you would like further information, require a quote for boiler servicing or need to arrange a call out for a landlords gas safety check, please contact us. We offer expert solutions and a fast response at competitive prices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Servicing your boiler extends its lifespan and makes sure that the model is safe to use in your household. A boiler service technician will catch any burgeoning problems early, before they have a chance to become full-blown issues, minimising cost. Servicing your boiler is also a compulsory stipulation in many boilers’ warranty agreements. For your boiler supplier to honour your warranty agreement, they need to make sure that it is being treated properly. Make sure to service your boiler to keep your warranty.

Only hire Gas Safe Register approved boiler technicians. Anyone without one puts you at risk of getting, at best, a subpar service. A rogue trader could even outright damage your boiler while they pantomime their way though servicing it. Additionally, most boiler warranties that stipulate servicing as a part of the agreement will require them to be certified under the Gas Safe Register.

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The average cost of servicing a UK boiler is roughly £80. The cost of servicing your boiler will depend on the boiler in question and its current state of repair. In terms of personal cost to you, check to see if your insurance covers the cost of boiler servicing avoid any undue costs. If you are renting then your landlord is the one responsible for boiler repairs and maintenance under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.

Contact Us For Boiler Servicing

Contact us today if you are looking for a team of heating engineers that can service your boiler reliably and for an affordable cost. Our Gas Safe heating engineers offer a fast response and value for money. 

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