How Often Should You Get Boiler Servicing?

Boiler servicing is essential for the health of your heating system. Find out everything you need to know about the service in this article with Courts Gas.

So, how often should you get your heating system serviced? As a rule of thumb, a professional should assess your system at least once a year. Whether you have a conventional or combi, it’s important to check and adhere to the manufacturer’s advice to not only preserve the warranty, but also to ensure the longevity of the entire system. Getting this service ensures that everything is in working order and, more importantly that it is safe.

Can Anyone Service My Boiler?

A gas appliance can’t be serviced by just anyone, they need to be inspected by Gas Safe Registered engineers. Without the correct knowledge, experience, and certifications, a rogue trader could do more harm than good. It’s going to be safer and more efficient if you choose a certified individual to carry out boiler servicing. What’s more, most warranties will have this requirement in the small print.


When Is Best For Boiler Servicing?

The most ideal time of year to get a professional to inspect your heating system is actually in the summertime. This ensures that everything is in working order in time for the colder months. Engineers can get pretty busy in the winter time too, so it’s going to be more convenient to do this in the middle of the year. This way, there’ll be no bad surprises when you turn on your heating for the first time since last winter. 

What If I Don’t Get Boiler Servicing?

This service ensures that the system that heats your property stays reliable, efficient, and most importantly safe. Without regular inspections, this could make the system unsafe. It can leave what could be small repairs to develop into larger, more expensive problems. For landlords, this service is essential.

Over the years, a boiler’s performance and efficiency can get worse. This means it can be working just fine, but It’s not as cost effective as it once was. With regular boiler servicing, an engineer can identify the state of your system and make you aware of when you will need a replacement.

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